The anything but basic Face mask

Because of you, we were able to donate over 600 mask through The 100 Mask Project. Throughout this process many medical workers came back for more mask! Why? Because of the quality of mask they received. There's nothing basic about our face mask! Not only are they available in a variety of prints, but they also include: a fashionable outer cotton layer, an inner water resistant layer to protect you from unwanted sneezes and droplets in the air, a bendable nose piece for a closer fit, and a moisture wicking facial layer to compliment the fashionable outer layer. We've put alot of time and research into developing a mask that is anything, but JUST COTTON! Check out our you tube videos and see tee our mask put to the test.


Mask FAQs

What is the mask made of?

 While supplies last, each mask is made of cotton which made also include a wax print for select African Fabric. The inner layer consist of a water-resistant layer made of 83% Polyester / 15% Polyurethane / 2% Agglutinant. There is a moisture-wicking fabric near the face for comfort. There is also a 100% polyester interfacing layer in-between the top and bottom layers to keep the two from directly touching each other. The mesh liner against the face is 100% polyester, which may be substituted with a cotton blend fabric if needed.


How do I care for my mask?

Mask should  be washed in cool water on the gentle cycle. Dry on low heat and iron on medium to low heat. If you have a customized mask DO NOT IRON OVER THE VINYL. Place an ironing cloth such as a piece of cotton, or an old t-shirt over the mask to iron. 


Bulk orders?

If you are placing a bulk order of more than 30 please email us for discount inquires!

Pattern Placement

Please note that fabric such as African Print and other fabric that have very detailed and varying patterns are one of a kind and can’t be duplicated. The pattern placement depends on the cut of fabric! For example if there is a large circle in the middle of the fabric, but another print in the background we will do our best to cut the same print for the entire mask. Never fear, we always place the pattern so it looks beautiful on your mask!


Can I request a specific pattern?

Yes! Don't see a pattern you like or looking for a special team? We offer custom mask. Just send us an email to

Are our homemade masks approved by any governmental agencies?

Here's the tea...NO! I actually made myself a mask to have some level of protection against COVID19. Because I wanted to block harmful water droplets (like those from sneezes) I searched for a fabric that offered water-resistance but was still breathable.You can check out my IG and FB page for the creation story. I don't claim to have made a “medical” mask, but I did create a mask that is far better than what many of our medical professionals are faced with having to use right now. When the news media launched that there was a need for masks, I, like many, wanted to help, but I am in no way claiming that they will keep you from getting a virus.

Will Charleigh Rocks or myself be liable for any allergic reactions or problems with the mask?

No. Please reference back to the “What is the mask made of?” section to see if you might be allergic to any of the mask components. You can also inbox us on Facebook or Instagram if you have questions at @charleighrocks.

Reutrn Policy

All mask are custom made and cut. We do not offer returns for facial mask.