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May 17, 2017




So, I'm listening to this podcast from Sweet Tea and Sunshine, and I hear somethings that I just needed to hear to give me a little life renewal. I love this podcast because, these ladies are all about being "unwalled," having "flow," and just doing small things to make you feel good about yourself. One of the ladies made me laugh to myself because she is a "sometimey" vegetarian, why because it makes her feel good. This podcast was perfect for us, because I am "ALL ABOUT THE FEEL GOOD." Life is hard enough as it is. So why not eat the cinnabon, stay in your jammies all day, go for a walk by yourself, buy a bracelet that just makes you feel good. 

This podcast reminded me of how Charleigh Rocks began. Super Long and depressing story short I got so wrapped up in momming, wifing, and nurturing everyone else that I just completely let myself go. From this I ordered myself a piece of jewelry, and became overwhelmingly excited because this new piece just gave me a moment of life. I couldn't wait for it to come in. Although I didn't have anything new to wear it with I already plotted in  my head what T-Shirt I was getting ready to jazz up...I know a T-shirt right. I just really let myself go. With this dilemma came the birth of Charleigh Rocks.

I'm not blogging about Sweet Tea and Sunshine because Charleigh Rocks got a shout out on their podcast, but more so because of the challenge they gave their listeners to just try something new this week. A new food, a new lip color, a new piece of jewelry, a new coffee cream flavor, a new polish color, and I just felt like I should rejuvenate myself and try something new as well. Maybe I'll chime in on their Facebook page with whatever New-New I tried. Anyone have any "New" suggestions?


You can find this podcast on Sweet Tea and Sunshine Episode 10 Spotlight: Celebrate Newness 

& on their social media at Sweet Tea and Sunshine


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