Overnight Success Here I Come.....In two Decades That Is!

June 20, 2017

I am a goal setter by nature - especially once I have an idea in my head. One of the first things I googled when I decided to start Charleigh Rocks was the exact phrase "How long does it take to become an overnight success?" Why did I Google that? Because, I wanted a realistic timeline from other business owners of how long and hard they had to work to become "successful." Guess what, out of all of the articles I read I've narrowed it down to ohhhh about 1-2 decades or longer. No, there is nothing wrong with your eyes, you read correct!


Resource you say?

I read a great article from Business Insider called "This is How Long Overnight Success Really Takes," by Martin Zwilling (2011). The article details how long it took companies that are considered to be the "fastest growing" companies to become an overnight success. For example it took Apple over two decades to become an "overnight success." It took Microsoft over a decade to become an "overnight success." Um, fastest growing you say???? By then my kids would have graduated from college.

In listening to my beloved business podcast I've heard story after story about how successful business owners such as Carole's Daughter and Karen Scott Jewelry spent YEARS developing their product. They spent MANY years diligently working towards their companies becoming "overnight successes!" I think it's safe to say the term "Over Night Success" is a tad bit misleading.


From all of my Google research I decided that I would give Charleigh Rocks a 10 year run, and then assess whether or not I should keep my business. Don't be fooled. I'm not waiting 10 years to reflect and reassess the goals and vision for my company. I make changes all the time, because in the retail world you have to stay relevant. Fashion changes constantly, consumer wants change constantly, and either we are going to keep up or not.


So Why Stick It Out For a Decade?

It's simple. I enjoy it, it's absolutely fun, my family loves it, it provides an extra source of income, and I believe in the vision that I was given for Charleigh Rocks - to one day be a blessing to others. That vision alone is enough to keep going. There is a lesson to be learned in every failure, every triumph, every sale, and every encounter.


Stay Focused

Social media can be super duper misleading, and make many small business owners feel as though they are behind in their business. That their businesses will never be successful. Think about it, when you see business advertise or make post on social media, how often do those businesses show the "nitty gritty side." Even behind scene shots are edited to look like "cute" hard work, instead of what's really happening behind closed doors. If you are always looking at what someone else is doing and wondering how successful they are you are always going to waste valuable time and energy; time and energy that you could be investing in your own business.  Keep your eyes focused on your own business and the vision God gave you for it, give yourself time to develop, and don’t be afraid to try, try and try again. Guess what you have about two decades to figure it out.  


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Overnight Success Here I Come.....In two Decades That Is!

June 20, 2017

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