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Semi precious stone in White Turquoise (polished) & black Agate (brown and white mixture) available in 7" and 8". If a larger bracelet is needed please feel free to contact using our contact form. The actual beads are measured 7" or 8." Due to the nature of the stone no two bracelets will be exactly alike.
With your purchase you will receive a beautifully packaged bracelet containing the black dot card and description you see pictured. Please keep this card on your desk at work or at home as a reminder to set your thoughts on things that are good. Don't focus on the negative moment you may be in because this will pass and eventually you will understand it better By & By. Remember to count blessings and not problems.

By & By Polished White Turqoise & Black Agate Striped (8MM)

$15.99 Regular Price
$12.15Sale Price
  • No returns exchanges or refunds.

    Color may differ slightly due to varying screen resolutions.

    All "Sew Original" purses are handmade and unique. There will never be a duplicate; which makes them "Sew Original." Surprise liners are a fun feature of our "Sew Original" line and are meant to be a fun surprise. We hope they make you smile as much as they have made us smile!

    Our By & By bracelets are all made of semi precious stone. No two bracelets will be exactly alike due to the nature of the material. If a larger size is needed this can be done with a simple email using our contact form. Should your elastic bracelet ever break it is recommended that you save your beads, and restring them as they are semi-precious. If you are requesting a custom bracelet throughout email please note that the price may vary and we will do our best to match stones, but note that custom bracelets are based on availability of the stone.

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