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Charleigh Rocks sells jewelry and handmade purses that make our customers feel amazing. God has given us a vision to serve at a much higher level. We have been blessed in so many ways that we want to be a blessing to others by serving women, children an families in our communities.


I'm a Jesus lovin' wife, mother, teacher and all around frugal diva! I love my costume jewelry just as much as I love my diamonds!


Charleigh Rocks, LLC all began with a glimpse in my jewelry box. There I found missing earrings, broken necklaces and other miscellaneous jewelry that made me feel like I was lost in the times. For nearly five years I was the only female of three males, (my husband and two boys, who I absolutely adore) so missing jewelry was never a problem, then came my daughter Charleigh.


After receiving a phone call from my bestie about how the hustle and bustle of being a working mother was taking a toll on our appearance (her nice way of saying we look raggedy); I felt that this was the perfect time to make a change, and I was going to begin with those missing earrings. The research began while sitting around my mother's kitchen table enjoying a glass of wine over the holidays with my family. I decided at that exact moment that I wanted to pursue the world of entrepreneurship and solve a problem that I'm sure working women and mothers think about all the time, "the let go." The idea started with wanting to be the world's "flyest" vendor. I had plans to be at every homecoming game, festival, and church event that I could find peddling my pearls. Quickly this idea began to grow into a website, social media channels and finally an online boutique that not only sales great jewelry at amazing prices, but handmade clutches by yours truly! Muah! Charleigh Rocks is all about "the feel good." We sale jewelry that makes you feel good, and handmade clutches that are "Sew Original" there will never be another.


I hope you fall in love with Charleigh Rocks, LLC. just as much as I have.


"You Rock, I Rock, Charleigh Rocks. Rock on Momma,"




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