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The 100 Masks Project

A part of Charleigh Rocks’ mission is to serve our community. We are joining many others in the global fight against this very serious virus by lending our sewing services. We have created a three-layer, washable mask made with water-resistant fabric to aid in providing some level of protection for our medical heroes against COVID19. Please note that this is not the highly-sought after N95 medical mask (although we tried to imitate the look lol), we merely joined the sewing community in answering the call of the medical community who so desperately needs these masks everyday. It is a FAR better alternative to bandanas, t-shirts, pollen / dust masks and masks make-shifted together from office supply products – as many of our medical professionals are unfortunately relegated to using right now.


Consider donating a mask to our medical friends who need one. Below I have provided a Paypal link for those who would like a mask of their own or donate towards our project. We've simply created this page due to the numerous amounts of emails and dm messages we've received. Hopefully this page will make it easier for you to participate in our project if you would like.


Thank you for your support! Please stay safe and let’s get through this together.


Yours in Service,


Nicole Smith-Hall, Owner

Charleigh Rocks


Because this is a donation and not a purchase we are not able to request shipping information from you like we would if you were making a regular purchase from us. This is so your donation doesn't get taxed as we are not selling anything on this page. Please complete the form below to give us all the information we'll need to complete your order. You can email us directly at or DM us on Facebook or Instagram at @charleighrocks.

We are sewing as fast as we can! Please allow 7-10 business days to hand make and ship your mask order.


Then there's no need to pay. If you're a nurse, doctor, EMS worker, in-home caregiver, first-responder, etc., please just fill out the information below and indicate what your profession is so you can benefit from these generous donations from all of us who appreciate you so much! Thank you for being our heroes!!

Facts & FAQs

What is the mask made of?

 While supplies last, each mask is made of a water-resistant layer on top made of 83% Polyester / 15% Polyurethane / 2% Agglutinant. There is a moisture-wicking fabric near the face for comfort. There is also a 100% polyester interfacing layer in-between the top and bottom layers to keep the two from directly touching each other. The mesh liner against the face is 100% polyester, which may be substituted with a cotton blend fabric if needed.


Where does my $20 donation go?

All costs associated with creating and making masks for our frontline workers. If you donate, you will receive a mask for yourself and donate the other to a medical professional. Some people just want to donate and don't need a mask, which is totally fine. We appreciate your generosity for our frontline heroes!

Can I request a specific pattern?

Unfortunately, the masks are in high demand. I will not be able to upload pictures of various patterns. Most masks are gender-neutral in terms of color and pattern, but you can let us know if you are male and female so we don't send you pink polka dots, for example, if that’s not your style. Please also note that you cannot select the materials for ear placement due to supply limitations. Masks will either have elastic or a type of fabric cording.

Are our homemade masks approved by any governmental agencies?

Here's the tea...NO! I actually made myself a mask to have some level of protection against COVID19. Because I wanted to block harmful water droplets (like those from sneezes) I searched for a fabric that offered water-resistance but was still breathable.You can check out my IG and FB page for the creation story. I don't claim to have made a “medical” mask, but I did create a mask that is far better than what many of our medical professionals are faced with having to use right now. When the news media launched that there was a need for masks, I, like many, wanted to help, but I am in no way claiming that they will keep you from getting a virus.

Will Charleigh Rocks or myself be liable for any allergic reactions or problems with the mask?

No. Please reference back to the “What is the mask made of?” section to see if you might be allergic to any of the mask components. You can also inbox us on Facebook or Instagram if you have questions at @charleighrocks.

How many free masks can I receive?

You will receive one (1) mask with your donation and one (1) mask will be donated to someone working in the medical or emergency services field (if you have a special request for your donation, please let us know. Look at it like this: Buy One Give One. If you are from a hospital or other health care agency, please email me using our contact form. If you would like to purchase in bulk, please contact us using our contact form. Please note that purchasing in bulk does not qualify for Buy One Give One.

When will The Project end?

When supplies run out, we've donated 100 (or more) masks, or we feel as though we can no longer meet demands.

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